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What is uPVC?

uPVC (Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) is type of plastic comprising chlorine. It is called ‘rigid vinyl’, its components are originated from the naturally occurring raw materials of petroleum or natural gas and common salt, which makes it inherently strong and sustainable in any type of weather conditions on our green earth.

uPVC edge

The Window Wonders Edge:

Our competitive edge would be our breakthrough product quality which would be tailor made, coupling with competitive prices and service up to clients’ utmost satisfaction, Ensuring high manufacturing standards and rigid quality control processes will lead us to achieve the desired quality output delighting consumers. Window wonders will always strive to be a customer centric as well as customer focused, and believe in quality as its culture.


Eco friendly edge:

  • Energy Saving: Being an excellent thermal conductor, it doesn’t let heat to pass through and keeps space cool and clean avoiding heat, dust and wind, which in turn helps cutting the electric bills.
  • Conserving natural resources: Minimizes deforestation which in turn will help in reducing global warming and keep the mother earth lush green.
  • Recyclable: uPVC frames are recyclable and can be reused.


Performance edge:

  • Tremendous thermal and acoustic insulation:
    Being the most rigid vinyl Proposition it does not let outside heat in (in summer) or inside heat out (in winter) , provide comfort & save 20-25%, acoustic insulation cuts unwanted outside noise to enter inside.
  • Weather resistant:
    It’s very weather friendly and compatible in all extreme weather conditions. The product is UV resistant; these can tolerate heavy tropical humidity as well as scorching sun storms.
  • Water proof and fire retardant:
    These are very much compatible to water because polymers do not absorb water at all, and there is no collection of water in channels due to sufficient drainage chambers being provided.
    They also have a self-extinguishing attribute which stops fire spread and minimizes the same.
  • Durable:
    These frames are high on its durability part because of steel reinforcements, and even with extreme conditions; the life is more or up to 25-30 years. Sufficient warranty is also given by manufacturers on same.
  • Safe and secured:
    uPVC frames are as tough as wood and aluminum , metal reinforcements makes it a robust and strengthens whole frame, this characteristic acts as a burglar proof. Any good quality of hardware’s like locks and handles can be used on them keeping your space fully safe and secured.
  • Zero maintenance:
    Unlike wood and other materials, these profile frames need no regular polish, paints and preservatives to avoid termite attack. Just a simple cleaning method makes it look like new.


Aesthetical edge:

These frames look beautiful and gives an add on beauty to your homes, Wide range in designs, quality and color shades of laminations are available focusing your tailor made requirement.


Cost effective Edge:

Along with energy and resource saving boon, at the same time it is also very cost effective comparing to wood and aluminum prices which are escalating like anything.

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